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We are committed to the care of our customer. Customers are the purpose of our business. We keep our promises to customers and seek to exceed their expectations of us. Our goal is to earn customer trust through consistence and dependable world class performance.


Cleannit Janitorial Services Limited improves the ability of every employee to perform. The company’s training programmers are job related; they are aimed at assisting employees to assure enhanced knowledge of their work environment especially for COVID19 compliance. The company’s training needs are specifically tailored to enhance staff.

Cleanit Janitorial SErvice LTD

Cleannit Janitorial Service Limited was established in Toronto, to provide well-detailed cleaning services in various forms all over Canada. We have a management team of experienced and capable individuals as well as true professionals in the cleaning industry. Our goal is to earn our customer’s trust through consistent and dependable performances. Cleannit Janitorial Service Limited is a professional cleaning company, that is outstanding in the cleaning industry. Providing well-detailed cleaning services in various forms. We add value to our customer’s business by making their property’s, environment as clinically clean and conducive as possible.

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cleannit service is prompt,polite and reliable let them handle your cleaning needs
Simone Ackerman
San Francisco