Christmas Lights Installation


Christmas is such a great time of year because of the sparkling decorations and glistening lights. But if you’re anything like most of us, the prospect of spending countless hours untangling cables, checking for burned-out bulbs, and climbing
up flimsy, old ladders merely to decorate your home for Christmas makes you cringe. Cleannit Installer devoted team of experts in Christmas light installation is here to help with that. Your house will be beautifully decorated, sophisticated, and joyful. For many years, we have been installing lovely. Christmas lights in the GTA at an affordable cost for complete installation and clean up at the end of the
holiday season.

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Why Hiring a Professional to Install Your Christmas Lights Is Worth It

Our vast community is home to a well-balanced mix of picturesque lakefront parks, old homes, and busy business areas. When it comes to their outdoor Christmas decorations, every homeowner has a particular vision in mind. No matter where you live in the GTA, our residential Christmas light installation professionals can make your holiday décor dreams a reality. We specialise in custom fit LED Christmas lights for homes and businesses, so having someone else manage the installation makes a difference. Christmas LED lights shine 5–6 times brighter than traditional lights, last longer, and consume up to 97% less electricity. And when we install our Christmas lights, we take the time to measure each roof area.

All you need to provide is the power. We take care of everything else needed to complete your project.

We provide & include:

  •  The design
  • The decorations, timers, extension cords & lights
  •  The installation of the Christmas lights
  •  Timely removal of the lights once the season is over. Including itemizing and storing everything safely for next year.
  •  Hassle-free replacement! If any part breaks on its own before Christmas, we’ll come and replace them.

We use top quality commercial grade decorations 

If you live in GTA and are interested in having professional Christmas light installers help your home look pectacular this season, please fill out our Contact form or give us a call at 4372887140. Decor & Lighting packages start at a price of $1000

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